Photo: WWE's Alexa Bliss Shows Off New Tattoo

Alexa Bliss took to Twitter on Saturday to reveal that she and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, had recently got matching tattoos. Her tattoo appears to be on under her arm, while he got his below his right thumb. The pair got married last month and Bliss, after being off TV since February and reportedly speaking out about her frustrations with WWE's creative team, returned to Raw this past week and beat Sonya Deville in a squash match. Other than carrying Lily to the ring, her persona seems to have switched back to "The Goddess."

Bliss and Cabrera talked with PEOPLE following the wedding to discuss all the details, including the theme and her wedding dress. The multi-time women's champion wound up performing with members of the boy band NSYNC during the reception afterward. 

"It's very us," Cabrera said, describing the wedding with a "rockstar" theme. "The whole thing's meant to bring out our personalities, and we are far from just normal."

"With my dress, there wasn't anything that I knew I wanted, I just knew what I didn't want," Bliss said. "I was scrolling through different designers on Instagram and Pinterest and all these things, and I came across Netta BenShabu's designs, and I really loved them. I knew, like, 'OK, so this is who I'm going to buy my dress from.'...Two days later, Ryan coincidentally was like, 'Hey, so I set you up a dress appointment with this boutique in L.A., Kinsley James, and they actually have a designer who wants to design a dress for you.' I was like, 'Oh, I already have a designer in mind.' He was like, 'Oh, well at least go hear her out. Her name is Netta BenShabu.' I was like, 'Wait, what?'"

"It was like a snowball of ideas," she later added. "As soon as I put on the dress that I customized, I was like, 'This is my dress.' I got emotional. The one thing everyone who I show my dress to says is, 'That's you. That is you in a dress.'"