Becky Lynch Was Beaten in Seconds After This Week's WWE Raw

Becky Lynch had a rough episode of Monday Night Raw. First "Big Time Becks" was quickly thrown to the ground by Ronda Rousey in the show's main event segment, learning in the process that she'd have to wait until Friday's episode of SmackDown to learn which champion Rousey would challenge at WrestleMania 38. Then WWE Hall of Famer Lita arrived and goaded her into a title match at Elimination Chamber, something Lynch seemed to instantly regret after accepting. Then when the cameras stopped rolling Lynch tried to back out of a dark match with Becky Lynch, only for Lita to chase her back into the ring. Lynch then lost in mere seconds to Belair after taking her KOD finisher. 

Lynch attempted to brush off Lita on Twitter, writing "Can't goad the GOAT @AmyDumas. I know what I'm doing," while posting an old photo of her with the former Women's Champion during her first SmackDown Women's Championship reign.

Even though Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair is the reported plan for WrestleMania, Lynch has been calling her out in recent interviews. She told Sports Illustrated after the Royal Rumble ended, "Welcome back, Ronda. I know how hard it is to come back as a new mother, I think it's fantastic she's back. And she has a lot to avenge. I'm still holding on to that championship she gave me three years ago. Since that time, I've gone off, had a child, came back better than ever, and defended my belt left, right and center. If I were her and I was just dipping my toes back in, I wouldn't go for the main course. I'd start with an appetizer, like a shrimp cocktail, before I went for the steak and potatoes. But if she would like to test herself against me, then by all means. I welcome her with open arms."

Rousey then argued in her return promo that Lynch didn't deserve her attention and that her "stale" championship reign wasn't her concern. Reports have popped up in the past week that Rousey vs. Flair will happen at WrestleMania 38 and that WWE will get around to having Lynch vs. Rousey finally happen next year at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.