Lana Comments On Controversial WWE Hotel Segment

Attitude Era fans were taken back in time this week when Enzo Amore was lured into Lana's hotel room for what, unfortunately for him, became a life lesson about why you don't mess with another man's wife. The WWE Universe was left scrambling trying to figure out how to feel about the incident.

Were we supposed to be upset that crowd favorite, Enzo, was fooled into thinking he had a chance with the Russian bombshell or were we supposed to be happy the home wrecker got what was coming to him?

When Lana made a surprisingly positive Instagram post concerning the angle, it blurred the lines even more.. Wrestling analyst, Justin LaBar, wrote an article discussing the paradox.

He said the following:

One problem: Enzo is the babyface, but a true good guy wouldn't so easily be lured by a married woman. Nor would the good guy really wrestle with the decision whether to commit adultery. Also, good guys don't run away, as Enzo tried to when Rusev appeared.

Just all seemed a bit backwards and odd.

Lana got wind of the article and responded on Twitter.

Is this the new era we're living in? Are there no longer such things as heroes and villains, faces and heels?

How do you feel about this entire angle? We discussed on the latest episode of's Over The Ropes podcast:


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