Mandy Rose Gives Her Side of the Story on Her WWE Firing

Mandy Rose was released by the WWE last month over content she was posting to the fan subscription website FanTime that the company deemed to be "too explicit." Rose saw her 413-day reign as NXT Women's Champion end on the Dec. 13 episode of NXT and news of her sudden firing broke the next day. She then went on to thank fans for their support and continued to post content to her FanTime page, reportedly earning a million dollars over the next few weeks thanks to her subscribers. 

Rose made her first public appearance since the firing on Tuesday by appearing on the Tamron Hall Show, in which she explained her side of the story. She stated that WWE officials never told her that her FanTime account content was the reason for her firing, then stated that due to a confidentiality clause there were some things about her departure she couldn't talk about. She noted that there was one warning to take down some of her FanTime content and that she complied. The former champ said she can't say she was "wronged" by the company and was grateful for her time in the WWE, but said she was hurt by the sudden release — "I'm very hurt, 100%. No one wants to get that call that they are being fired from any job," going on to say that it felt like "gut punch"

She would go on to tearfully thank fans for their support. Regarding a return to WWE, Rose stated "never say never" but noted a conversation would have to take place if they brought her back and asked her to take down her FanTime page. 

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