NXT's Raquel Gonzalez Becomes Marvel's She-Hulk In Stunning Cosplay Photoshoot (Exclusive)

NXT is home to some of the brightest stars in WWE, and Raquel Gonzalez happens to be one such [...]

NXT is home to some of the brightest stars in WWE, and Raquel Gonzalez happens to be one such star. Gonzalez is one of the imposing forces on the black and gold brand, something she's shown time and time again in the ring. You can't help but associate Gonzalez with power, and there's a certain character in the Marvel universe you could say the same thing of. That would be none other than the Incredible She-Hulk, and thanks to iLLite FOTOS we can now see what Raquel Gonzalez would look like as the Marvel powerhouse in a stunning photoshoot, and we've got your exclusive first look right here.

The first photo features a hulked-out Gonzalez letting out a roar and looking pretty peeved. iLLite FOTOS went all out with the Hulk makeover, and we pity the poor soul (and the poor table) who happens to get in her way.

(Photo: iLLite FOTOS)

The next photo goes for a different vibe but is no less impressive. Again, the work on the skin and giving everything that Hulk feel and texture is stellar here, and that expression is perfect. All you have to do is see her expression to know you will get punched through a wall if you mess with her.

(Photo: iLLite FOTOS)

Last but not least we have a photo highlighting that trademark Hulk rage, and all I can think is that some unfortunate moron had something to say and is about to get a table thrown his way...oh, and it's going to hurt...like, a lot. Seriously, who messes with She-Hulk?

(Photo: iLLite FOTOS)

After seeing what Gonzalez and iLLite FOTOS did with this cosplay set we cannot wait to see more of this fantastic She-Hulk set and what other team-ups they have up their sleeves. Gonzalez was already a badass and She-Hulk was already one of the most powerful Marvel heroes around.

Putting them together created a one-of-a-kind powerhouse that would devastate opponents in and outside of the ring, and it kind of makes us want to see Gonzalez bring the character to life in live-action on the big or small screen.

Gonzalez has another epic match in the making coming up, as she will be facing Io Shirai (if she signs the contract that is) on NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver for the NXT Women's Championship, and it could end up being one of the best matches of the night.

If you love the set you can find even more amazing Cosplay photoshoots on iLLite FOTOS' Instagram and Twitter pages, and you can follow Raquel Gonzalez on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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