Samoa Joe Returns to NXT in New Role

Tonight's NXT kicked off with General Manager William Regal making a major announcement, which was [...]

Tonight's NXT kicked off with General Manager William Regal making a major announcement, which was teased at the end of TakeOver: In Your House, and it lived up to the hype. As previous rumors suggested, Regal had decided to give up the General Manager role in NXT, and Samoa Joe did indeed make a return, but it wasn't what everyone was expecting. Joe was released earlier this year from WWE, but rumors had been swirling of a possible NXT return. Thankfully those turned out to be true, but Regal isn't leaving either, and instead Joe will be helping him from here on out.

Regal came out to address the fans to cheers of "we love you", and he said thank you but wanted to get some things off his chest. He said he's been with NXT from the very beginning, and even had the chance to call the first TakeOver. He said he's watched NXT become a wonderful beautiful thing, full of amazing talent and now in locations all across the world, including his hometown of Blackpool.

He said that every piece of his spare time not with his family was on making NXT the place they wanted to be and trying to get everything as correct as possible for the talent in the ring, the announcers, and the fans who were along for the ride. He finally decided that with the chaos going on, he's given them everything he can give them now, and because of them and the amazing people that are a part of this product, he said he doesn't think he's capable of giving them what they deserve anymore.

That's when Karrion Kross' music hit, and with Scarlett, Kross came down to the ring. Kross said they knew this day would come always but not when, but the moment they heard all that they had to come out there to feel it for themselves. He asked "are you crying Mr. Regal", and then called him "completely pathetic." He then said he had told him he lost control of this roster, and then at TakeOver he punched a hole through Mt. Rushmore of NXT, meaning he could control this place with chaos.

Kross then said he wanted Regal to tell these people he was leaving, and then said he wanted him to walk up the aisle and never come back. "Say Kross was right".

That's when Samoa Joe's music hit and he walked out to face Kross, and he said "Mr. Regal I believe you wanted to speak with me." Regal said "because of my love for NXT, I think everybody deserves a general manager that can hold, the position with the integrity and respect that it deserves, so I would like you to become the new general manager of NXT."

Regal then started the sell, but Joe said he didn't need to, and that he could say without the shadow of a doubt that his answer was no. He then said all the things that Regal has done, and that it was a long shadow he cast. That's why he couldn't accept, but he did offer to make him a deal. He said he was a pain in the a** while he was here last time, but he always had respect. He then offered to help make sure that Regal was getting the respect he deserved, and Regal was down for it.

There were a few conditions, which stated that Joe couldn't be a competitor and that he couldn't attack anyone unless provoked. Joe accepted the offer, and then told Kross "so what the hell are you still doing in this ring. tick tock young champion".

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"In the wake of NXT TakeOver: In Your House, don't miss the all the explosive fallout of this week's NXT, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!"

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