Interview: RVD Reveals If He'll Ever Return to WWE

Recently, Rob Van Dam spoke with about Headstrong, a new documentary that details [...]

Recently, Rob Van Dam spoke with about Headstrong, a new documentary that details the former WWE Champion's difficulties with concussions while embarking on a stand-up comedy tour. In addition to many other topics, RVD discussed whether he's retired, and what his current status is as a wrestler.

"I don't see me going back to full-time ever," he said. "Even for a short schedule, I can't see being on the road full-time like I was. Because, it was really stressful for me. I was always counting the days until the end of my contract."

RVD specifically pointed to his time in WWE as being particularly stressful.

"The last couple of runs I did with WWE, and the run before when I left in 2007, I needed spiritually — I needed to be out of there," he added. "Because, my spirit was unhappy. And then, everything else follows that. Mind, body, and spirit have to be in balance in order to have balance."

When asked where he sees himself finishing up his career, RVD admits he's been in talks with Impact Wrestling.

"I do have a match coming up in April," RVD noted. "And, it's an Impact match at WrestleCon, WrestleMania Weekend. And, that might've just been a one-of when I took the booking. But, we are talking now about moving forward with that. For me, it's not so much based on Impact and what it's known for or how it's doing. To be perfectly honest, it's about the business. So, if Impact is able to bring RVD in, and they have the budget to do it, then we'll be talking business."

Still, he doesn't completely rule out one last run with WWE either if the the company were to make the right offer.

"It's just business," he said. "If the right business was offered, then I could see me doing another run in WWE. I don't expect that or have any plans of it right now. So, I don't know if it'll happen or not."

Rob Van Dam can be seen next over Wrestlemania weekend when he teams with Sabu against The Lucha Brothers at IMPACT Wrestling's "United We Stand" event. Until then, check out his new documentary Headstrong, available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and VUDU.