The Rock "Wanted to Work With" Bray Wyatt at WWE WrestleMania 32

The People's Champion was all about sharing the ring with the Eater of Worlds.

Bray Wyatt had no shortage of legendary moments during his WWE career, and many of those legendary moments came with legends themselves. Wyatt's first WWE WrestleMania match was against John Cena. Wyatt wrestled The Undertaker in Taker's first bout since losing his fabled undefeated WWE WrestleMania streak. The very next year, Wyatt shared the ring with The Rock and cornered his Wyatt Family stablemate Erick Rowan in what would end up being Rock's last match to date. Wyatt's WWE WrestleMania 32 segment with The Great One was a bit of a happy accident, as the Eater of Worlds was available for it due to not being booked on the card at the time. That said, Wyatt was not Rock's dance partner that night by default: Rock wanted to work with him.

The Rock Wanted to Work With Bray Wyatt

(Photo: WWE)

Speaking to, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz gave insight into planning that WWE WrestleMania 32 segment between The Rock and Bray Wyatt.

"I know talking to Rock, it was like, 'This guy, Bray Wyatt, he doesn't have a match. This is the promo we should be doing.' That's basically what we discussed with each other. Rock wanted to work with him," Gewirtz recalled. "I wanted Rock to work with him. Bray obviously would be more than happy to do a segment with The Rock."

During his WWE tenure and even in life after, Gewirtz has been a long-time collaborator of The Rock. Gewirtz worked directly with the real-life Dwayne Johnson to bring the Young Rock NBC series to life.

With Gewirtz being a familiar face for Rock, he was prepared to prep some material for the Brahma Bull, but he emphasized that he was all for Wyatt scripting himself.

"Even when we put that segment together, it was like, 'Alright, Bray, you'll say your stuff, I'll just let you do it.' Because I'm certainly not writing anything for Bray Wyatt," Gewirtz continued. "'Here's the outline. Whatever you say, Rock will respond to.' It's not necessarily a given with a lot of performers. A lot of performers can and do write their own promos. But Bray, from the start, from the incarnation of the Bray Wyatt character, it was all him putting forward the character, the aura, the mood, the atmosphere. He's just really, really remarkable."