The Usos Hype Up Bloodline Civil War Ahead of WWE Money in the Bank

The Bloodline has imploded. After months of tension within WWE's most dominant faction, Jimmy Uso pulled the trigger on Roman Reigns at WWE Night of Champions, superkicking him multiple times which in turn resulted in him officially leaving The Bloodline. Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman attempted to court Jey Uso into staying with the faction by promising him Tribal Chief status after Reigns retired, but Jey ultimately sided with his brother. This has led to a Bloodline Civil War match booked for WWE Money in the Bank which will pit The Usos against Reigns and Sikoa.

"We stick it out together, all of a sudden, somebody starts wanting more and starts messing up the whole vibe," Jimmy said during a sparring session. "Especially if it's going well. It had to be Roman."

Jey chimed in, noting no one on the WWE roster will be able to get to Reigns except them.

"If somebody is going to put him in line, it had to be our own family. They are teaming together against the best tag team in the world. We are that," Jey added. "They are moving alone. You can do whatever you want to do alone. The way Roman has been acting lately, you really think he trusts anybody but himself? No. They can't reach each other's minds. We really can."

Not only are The Usos going to war with their greater family, but they are also battling their own brother. Sikoa remains aligned with the Tribal Chief, a decision that Jimmy doesn't necessarily blame him for.

"Solo, why wouldn't you want to align yourself with the top? The champ. The best of the best," Jimmy said. "He's a man of very few words, but he's going to smarten up. At the end of the day, he'll always be the little brother. He's going to know."

"He's going to smarten up. Just like we left his ass, Solo is going to get smart and leave his a-- too," Jey added. "That's what Roman has been doing lately. Mistreating us to stay on top. Nobody is going to have your back, not here. No friends, none of that. Family will though, all day. He's going to learn."

WWE Money in the Bank goes down this Saturday, July 1st at 3 PM ET and streams live on Peacock.