WWE's Next International Stadium Pay-Per-View Teased

 WWE is looking to host another stadium pay-per-view in Australia in the future, according to Stephanie McMahon during her appearance at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit. McMahon was discussing WWE's broadcast deal with Foxtel in Australia and noted, "You look at our new deal in Australia with Foxtel, where we need to bring a stadium event to Australia as well and how are we looking at that in terms of our international Premium Live Events? How does that work in terms of our domestic strategy?... How are we gonna be able to maximize our opportunities there?"

The promotion previously held the Super Show-Down event at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia back in October 2018. That show was headlined by Triple H vs. The Undertaker, The Shield in one of their final six-man tag matches and John Cena teaming with Bobby Lashley to beat Kevin Owens and Elias. 

Reports of WWE wanting to change up the annual pay-per-view schedule in 2023 first started popping up in October, with rumors of gimmick-centric pay-per-views like Hell in a Cell getting scrapped while more international shows like Clash at the Castle will be added to the schedule. There was also word last month of WWE attempting to run an international stadium show in mid-January, but nothing has been confirmed

WWE Launching More Performance Centers Around the World

The Co-CEO mentioned elsewhere in her presentation WWE's plans to launch Performance Centers in different locations around the world. This was an idea first introduced by Triple H several years ago but those plans were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"In addition to that, international is the focus for us, as we have discussed in the past but now we really have the opportunity to create what we call 'global localization' or 'glocal' where we can create local Performance Centers with local talent, replicate the lines of business that we have here in WWE and do it on a much smaller scale but ultimately, hopefully that'll ladder up into the bigger product and potentially then creating a World Cup-type scenario which would be fun and exciting," McMahon said. "It also then of course is an opportunity for talent to rotate throughout and we can have local stars that can ultimately come up to the main roster of WWE."

h/t POST Wrestling