Triple H Hopes To Create WWE NXT World Cup Scenario With Expansion Plans

Triple H has already made several changes during her early tenure as head of WWE creative, and there have also been some changes to the long-term strategy for NXT. One of the biggest developments is NXT Europe, which will launch next year and looks to pave the way for some big things down the road. In a new interview with Sport Bible, Triple H revealed some of those future plans for NXT Europe and beyond, including a World Cup scenario that would involve other NXT programs set up across the world like South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and more.

"For the last ten years or so, we've created that recruiting effort and started a brand called NXT, NXT for us is that academy model, so if RAW and SmackDown are the NFL for football, NXT is collegiate athletics. We had a small brand here called NXT UK, we were headed down this road prior to the pandemic, which put a halt on it, but we just shot that brand down, because we're going to relaunch it in 2023 as NXT Europe and try to blow it up bigger," Triple H said.

"The intent will be to take NXT Europe and bring that around the world, so NXT Europe, NXT Australia, NXT South Africa, South America, Mexico, and eventually build that into a global system that will lead to almost a World Cup scenario. The World Cup finals for NXT will one year be in London, the next year maybe Mexico City, the year after that and all the while, really what you're doing is building this, you're building a fanbase for college football, while you're building stars for the major leagues which is RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania right," Triple H said.

Triple H then talked about some of the strides they've already made in other countries like India. "In India right now, we are the second biggest sport in India outside of cricket, which is a religious thing. It's massive already but imagine that scale when we have a brand on the ground of native Indian people having their own brand. Let's say one of them branches out, and goes to RAW or goes to SmackDown, headlines WrestleMania, it's game-changing," Triple H said.

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H/T PWMania