Seth Rollins: Becky Lynch Wasn't Comfortable With Her WWE Survivor Series Program With Charlotte Flair

WWE's Survivor Series kicked off on Sunday night with a violent and emotional bout between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The match had the most intrigue of any bout on the card heading into the show due to the real-life backstage confrontation the two had over the recent "Championship Exchange" segment and the disparaging comments both have made about the other in various interviews. Lynch won via roll-up (with an assist from the ropes moments after Flair tried the same trick), then cut a tearful promo backstage

"Even watching the video packages I got a little emotional because... to see where we came from to where we are now and the hatred there, the hatred going out there, it's so sad, you know? That's somebody that I loved so much, that I trusted with my life. We've been through everything together, we nearly died in a car crash together. And just how much we despise each other now, I just wanted to rip her apart out there," Lynch said.

"I didn't break her arm like I wanted to, like I set out to do," she added. "I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that but I got the win. And now she knows she can't deny it. I'm the better woman."

It's been up for debate as to how much of this has been storyline to build up excitement for their match and how much of it stems from real-life animosity between the two. Seth Rollins, Lynch's husband, played into the drama while speaking with Ariel Helwani after the show. 

"I can't even relate to the experience she probably went through out there tonight," Rollins said. "It's one thing to go out and perform on a high level on a pay-per-view, having a near one-year-old baby that you also have to take care of, but when you have fallen out with your best friend, and I can tell you, legitimately, that's been a process that's been going on for years and it really reached a boiling point recently, as all the reports have said. There was nothing about going into this match she was comfortable with and I imagine it was an extremely cathartic experience for her. And I've been out there and had matches where there wasn't that much tension and it's brought me to tears when I come back. So I can only assume she's in an interesting place, hopefully, a good place because they both killed it out there and I was really proud of her and everything she has done and did tonig.

"No, I don't think so," he added when asked if it was awkward for him. "I'm in a position where I think I'm a bit of a leader. I've been here a long time and so, I don't think anything puts me in an awkward situation. I don't have to pick sides. I'm pretty fair on things and I see it as they come. I didn't feel any awkwardness, it's definitely awkward for them, I'm sure the women's locker room was very difficult to deal with, but for me, she's my wife, she's my ride or die and I'm always on her side no matter what."