Becky Lynch Brought To Tears in WWE Survivor Series Post Match Interview

Becky Lynch was interviewed by WWE's social media team shortly after her victory against Charlotte Flair at Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. "Big Time Becks" pulled off the victory against her old rival after an incredibly brutal match, culminating in her using the bottom rope as leverage to keep "The Queen" rolled up for a three count. Lynch became incredibly emotional during her promo, saying, "Even watching the video packages I got a little emotional because... to see where we came from to where we are now and the hatred there, the hatred going out there, it's so sad, you know? That's somebody that I loved so much, that I trusted with my life. We've been through everything together, we nearly died in a car crash together. And just how much we despise each other now, I just wanted to rip her apart out there. 

"I didn't break her arm like I wanted to, like I set out to do," she added. "I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that but I got the win. And now she knows she can't deny it. I'm the better woman."

The latest rivalry between the two centered around the real-life shouting match they had backstage following the infamous "Championship Exchange" on a recent episode of SmackDown. Both women have taken shots at the other in interviews leading up to the show, with Lynch repeatedly saying she and Flair are no longer friends and don't speak to each other anymore. 

"...She did exactly what I had said she was gonna do," Lynch told Ariel Helwani earlier this week. "Sometimes things can happen out there and people can get carried away in a moment and you don't have time to process what happens but when I knew that she was gonna purposely disrespect me, I processed it a lot quicker. So I was able to hold it together until I got backstage. I did what I was supposed to do and then when I got backstage I lost it a little bit...Verbally. I had to go right out and do the dark match. I verbally lost it. I still had a match to go and do so I didn't have time to be scrapping in the back."

Do you think this is it for the rivalry between Lynch and Flair? Or will WWE find a way to run this program back in the near future? Let us know down in the comments!