Latest Update on Bray Wyatt's Status on WWE Raw

It's been a weird few months for fans of WWE's Bray Wyatt. The former WWE Universal Champion was locked in a feud with Randy Orton for months starting back in December when "The Viper" set The Fiend on fire at the TLC pay-per-view. From that point on Wyatt had Alexa Bliss repeatedly torture Orton with various spooky shenanigans, came back looking severely burned, then reverted back to his original form at WrestleMania 37 only for Bliss to betray him by showing off her own version of The Fiend (at least that's what we think happened). The following night Bliss explained why she betrayed Wyatt and has since been popping up on Raw alongside the possessed doll, Lilly.

Wyatt hosted an episode of the Firefly Fun House that same night, claimed he had forgiven Bliss and claimed to be "reborn." And yet, after all of that, he hasn't been on WWE television since. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported on Thursday that this was intentionally done on WWE's part.

"We are told Wyatt has purposely been kept off TV. It is not a case of he has heat for anything as he is well-liked," Johnson wrote. "The Randy Orton match, we are told, went 100% exactly as planned.

The last time Wyatt said anything on Twitter (where he tends to stay somewhat in-character) was back at WrestleMania Backlash where he seemed to poke fun at the Army of The Dead crossover with The Miz, Damian Priest and a horde of zombies.


Bliss spoke with ComicBook prior to WrestleMania 37 and openly admitted her character change and program with Wyatt and Orton was the most fun she's had in her entire WWE career. She said, "I've been saying the last few weeks that this has been the most creative storyline I've ever been in and the most fun, because there are no real restrictions right now as to what we can do. And between me, Bray and Randy, just throwing out all these ideas, it's like nothing is off-limits and that's what's so fun about it. And I love portraying characters and I love doing stuff that's out of the box, and completely different.

"And the fact that a year ago, if you told me I'd be swinging on a swing set, threatening Randy Orton, I wouldn't believe you. Or even having a match with Randy Orton, I wouldn't believe you, but it's been so fun and I'm just so happy with how it's turning out because we don't know. It's been a week-by-week thing. We're just adding things, taking away things, trying new things, and I just like where it's going," she added.