Latest Update on WWE Bringing Back Another Former Champion

WWE has seen some major changes recently, following Vince McMahon's departure and Paul Levesque's ascendance as the new Chief Content Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment, and it seems that more changes are coming as the rumor mill is hinting that a professional wrestling superstar might be returning to the fold. One outlet has reported that the WWE has offered a contract to Reed Bronson, the former NXT North American Champion, but the main wrestling stable might not be the only outlet that is looking to bring the formerly named "Jonah" to the ring.

On top of the WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling has recently brought JONAH to the fold, with the larger-than-life wrestler entering the ring for the Eastern company. During his time with World Wrestling Entertainment and NXT, Bronson spent around three years as a part of the latter, so it has yet to be seen whether Reed will return to NXT once again or if he will "make the cut' and become a part of the main roster. Some major names have made big comebacks under Triple H's regime, with Brawn Strowman and Bray Wyatt being two of the biggest names. JONAH has yet to confirm nor deny so take that into account. 

In a previous interview with Fightful in 2021, Bronson detailed his satisfaction with New Japan Pro Wrestling:

"I guess I did (feel like the belle of the ball). The most frustrating thing for me was, I just had to get stuff with immigration sorted. Once that was sorted, it was sort of 'the world is my oyster.' New Japan is a place I always wanted to go to and the prospect of Impact as well, being able to do that because I have a non-exclusive deal, is something that is great for me as the wrestler that I am. I get to showcase my style on various shows and that makes me happy. My loyalties are to New Japan first and now with Impact on board, they are up there as well. I wanted to make sure I could do both at the same time and not step on one or the other's foot."

Do you think Reed Bronson is a lock to return to the WWE? What other superstars from the past would you like to see return to World Wrestling Entertainment? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling. 

Via Wrestling Inc