WWE's Cody Rhodes Applauds Dusty Rhodes Look-alike's Impression at Live Event

Fans never know what they're going to see at a live WWE event, but that goes for the WWE Superstars in the ring as well. During a recent live event in Trenton, Cody Rhodes spoke to the crowd after a match and thanked them all for welcoming him back, but then he spotted someone in the crowd and had to take a moment to talk to him. The person was dressed up as Cody's father and WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes, and Cody then pointed him out to the audience and asked if he could do an impression of Dusty, and the results garnered Cody's applause.

When he spotted him he said he looked the part and that he was going to put him on the spot. He asked "can you do a Dusty impersonation? You think you can? Listen, if you do it they're going to cheer and they're going to boo, you guys be the judges alright?" The video shows how much the man looked like Dusty, and he made his way down to the barricade.

Cody then said he was going to hand him the microphone and the fan launched into a stellar Dusty impression, and Cody was loving it, laughing visibly at the impression and hugging the fan. It was a great moment and you can watch the full video of the interaction in the post above (via WrestleZone).

Cody made his triumphant return to WWE after leaving AEW at WrestleMania 38, and his brother Dustin Rhodes has been thrilled for his success, despite missing having him in AEW. Dustin recently said that his father would have very much approved of Cody's decision too.

"I knew dad always wanted us to be happy and he [Dusty Rhodes] would have his suggestions like that and try to lead us in the right way," Dustin said. "But ultimately, these are our decisions, right? Money is money, and dad would always say, 'Take the money.' He always said, 'Take the money,' and I know, just me watching it [Cody's first promo after WWE WrestleMania 38] and seeing dad up there on the screen and talking about him and Cody's very passionate about his promos, about everything single word that he's gonna say which is very important, right? Especially for that first one, which was very important. You're making a huge impact on a lot of people. It's the first time you've been back in years, he did it, and I know dad would be happy. He's sitting in the rafters. That's where I pictured him when me and Cody wrestled at Double or Nothing, right?"

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