WWE Delivers Creepiest Uncle Howdy Tease Yet on SmackDown

WWE just revealed the creepiest Uncle Howdy return tease yet on SmackDown

WWE unveiled the new Tag Team Championships on SmackDown tonight, but before the big unveiling there was another tease of Uncle Howdy's impending return, and it was easily the creepiest one yet. As Triple He entered the ring to introduce the Titles, a quick glitch occurred on the screen, revealing a QR code briefly before returning to normal. Fans quickly took to investigating and found a cryptic image that then led to an even more cryptic and quite creepy video, which then led to coordinates and a mysterious cave. It was quite the trail, and you can get an up-close look in the post below.

The first thing up was the QR code, which led to a picture. You had to zoom in on the picture quite a bit to find a hidden message that read "ImNobody", and if you clicked on that you were taken to a video.

That video flashed a series of weird images with a message interspersed, reading "I set them free out of the miry clay. Opened their eyes while you did nothing. If you paused at a certain point you got some coordinates, and those lead to an ominous cave, though it's unclear what that actually means just yet.

This follows last week's tease, though that tease was notable for a different reason. While this one seemed focused on Uncle Howdy and his whereabouts, the previous one seemed to be more focused on his allies, teasing some kind of faction with the line "you forgot about us."

The you forgot about us line indicates more than one person, and one of the more talked about rumors during Bray Wyatt's return to WWE involved a group called the Wyatt 6. It never came to fruition on TV before Wyatt's tragic passing, but it appears that we could see that idea finally brought to reality with Uncle Howdy returning to a prominent role on TV.

We'll have to wait and see what WWE has in store, but with the teases increasing in frequency, it would be surprising to see WWE bring Uncle Howdy back at Backlash. That would tee him up for a bigger role on Raw or SmackDown in the following weeks.

Howdy was introduced on SmackDown as part of Wyatt's storyline, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be moved to Raw. The teases have been happening on both shows though, so that's up in the air. The WWE Draft is also happening in just one week, so there could be plans established there as well.

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