Uncle Howdy Hacks WWE's Twitter Account in Latest Return Tease

WWE teases Uncle Howdy's return to TV in a hacked Twitter post

WWE has been teasing the return of Uncle Howdy over the past few weeks, beginning with the first tease at the end of the Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal documentary. Since then more teases have followed on social media and during Monday Night Raw, and the latest tease is courtesy of WWE's Twitter account. Earlier today the WWE account posted a tweet that just said "hello" numerous times. The tweet was deleted later, but it gained plenty of attention beforehand and seems to be indicating that Howdy will be making his return sooner than later. You can find the post below.

Howdy is played by Taylor Rotunda, known previously in WWE as Bo Dallas, who introduced the character during Wyatt's second run with WWE. The character had already started making more appearances on TV, especially in the feud between Wyatt and LA Knight. Any plans were obviously put on hold after Wyatt's tragic passing, but now it seems WWE is finally ready to bring the character back to TV.

Taylor and Mika Rotunda paid tribute to Wyatt during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, which was part of the induction of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham. At the close of their speech, Mike said, "I wish that our son Windham could have been here, he would have liked to see his old man go in the Hall of Fame." Then they lifted their phones and led a tribute to Windham along with the rest of the arena.

The documentary featured a host of tributes to Rotunda and stories from those who had the chance to work with him over the years. Erick Rowan is someone who worked alongside Windham during their time as The Wyatt Family, and Rowan shared a tribute to his late friend on social media. On Twitter, Rowan wrote, "Writing this down makes my soul foggy and my heart ache. Over 12 years ago from the island of FCW we would talk of our mutual love of horror movies and music before embarking on this crazy journey that brought us around the world with Jon.

In the process something happened, this family we portrayed weekly in the wrestling world became a real life bond. We spent more time together over the next few years than we would our own families. Strengthening our bond as we dealt with life trials and tribulations together. Eventually this family grew with the introduction of Adam. As did our love for one another.

Life is sometimes unfair, I want to pick up the phone and talk to my brothers. For when I think of Windham It makes me think of Jon then the reality of the crazy truth that they are no longer with us. Though I know they are always listening and smiling. With their sudden passings I can not state enough how much they loved their families. My heart hurts for their kids, for Jojo for Amanda for their brothers and sisters or anyone lucky enough to call them a friend. I love you both so much. This is only Goodbye for Now, I will see you down the road."

You can find the official description for Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal below.

"Bray Wyatt is one of the most revered and mysterious characters in WWE history. The story behind that character and the man himself, Windham Rotunda, has never been documented until now. Using never-before seen interviews and exclusive backstage footage, Windham Rotunda's inspiring story unfolds. This documentary chronicles Windham's incredible rise to worldwide fame as a WWE Superstar, and the struggles and success that came with being a creative visionary. Sadly, in August of 2023, Windham passed away at the age of 36. In the wake of his untimely death, Windham leaves behind a family still grieving with loss as they celebrate a lasting legacy that continues to create and inspire. 

Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal is now streaming on Peacock.