Drew McIntyre Keeps Hope Alive for a WWE Match With Tyson Fury

WWE's Drew McIntyre kept pushing for a match with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury [...]

WWE's Drew McIntyre kept pushing for a match with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury throughout his two WWE Championship reigns last year. The match never happened, even though Fury started playing along with the hype on social media, but now that the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly starting to subside "The Scottish Warrior" is back to teasing the idea. He brought up Fury while speaking with The Big Issue this week, saying "Tyson Fury is stalking me. It's the most bizarre sentence. I'd wake up every day and I've got another message on social media from Tyson Fury. Maybe I should answer him.

"When things get back to normal, I can finally get back to the UK. I haven't been able to come back home and say, 'yes, we did it!'" he continued. "When I'm able to win back my WWE title we'll fly back home, get an open top bus at the top of Scotland. I'm going to make my way down Scotland, [and have a] big celebration all the way down into England. Get to Fury's house, set ourselves up a little match. It's going to happen. The thing is he has a genuine love for wrestling and he's such an entertainer, he gets it. I know we could do some fun business together. Probably some kind of Battle of Britain would be the theme."

Fury first stepped into the world of wrestling back in 2019, taking on Braun Strowman in a match at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia late in the year. McIntyre talked about headlining a WWE pay-per-view out of the UK with his match against Fury as the headliner in an interview with ComicBook last year.

"But I have a dream of making a UK pay-per-view happening. We haven't had one in the UK since SummerSlam '92, of significance. I know it should be happening," McIntyre said. "I don't understand the logistics of it all, but the times have changed. We have the [WWE] Network now, and we had a big show in Australia (Super Show-Down in 2018), for example, which was like six o'clock in the morning or something crazy in America, and it showed on the Network. But if you have a show on a Sunday in the UK around 8 PM, it's three in the afternoon in America on a Sunday, it can absolutely work.

"The fans are so rabid and passionate, especially in London. I know everyone's going to be rabid and passionate we're getting back on the road, there's some kind of normal. But you see what UK are like the day after Mania or whenever we're on the UK tour, they're wild. So I think a UK pay-per-view, if it takes McIntyre and Fury main eventing to make it happen, to get those outside eyes on it, I'm more than happy to do it."