What Are Edge's Chances of Actually Winning the 2021 WWE Men's Royal Rumble?

Edge made the surprise announcement during this week's Monday Night Raw that he'll be competing in the Men's Royal Rumble Match this Sunday. "The Rated-R-Superstar" has been out of action for seven months since tearing his tricep during a match with Randy Orton at Backlash, but he made it pretty clear during his promo that his full focus is on becoming world champion again after his last reign in 2011 ended due to his sudden retirement. But given how crowded the field of potential winners is this year, how good are Edge's chances that he could pick up the second Rumble victory of his career?

Bovada currently has his odds of winning at +1000 (10/1) and BetOnline has him at +600 (6/1). He isn't the favorite on either list (that honor goes to Daniel Bryan) but he's still in the top five for both sportsbooks.

Now let's look at the backstage reports. The rumor of Edge and Orton having one more match to make their feud a trilogy has been floating around for months, though reports back in November pointed at the WWE Championship being on the line. Orton was briefly WWE Champion at the time but has since lost it back to Drew McIntyre and seems to be pretty locked into a feud with Bray Wyatt for the time. It's entirely possible that Edge doesn't win the Rumble and still faces Orton at WrestleMania, (hopefully) closing their book on their brutal feud.

It's also worth remembering that an Edge vs. The Fiend was brought up via a WrestleVotes source back in November. Edge has mentioned in numerous videos that he's brought more of his acting experiences into his wrestling character (it really shows when you look at his post-return promos), and he could really sink his teeth into a feud with the highly-theatrical Wyatt.

But let's say Edge wins the Rumble — who does he face then? Of the two current world champions, McIntyre seems like the easier choice. Edge has no real history with either the Universal Championship or Roman Reigns, and the booking on SmackDown has done a great job lately of lining up potential opponents for "The Tribal Chief" — Big E, Daniel Bryan and even Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro all come to mind.


But then again, Reigns can seemingly craft a great story with just about anyone right now and could easily take offense to a part-timer trying to come back to "steal his spot at the head of the table."

Do you think Edge will win at the Royal Rumble on Sunday? And regardless of if he does, who do your think he's facing at WrestleMania? Let us hear your pick in the comments!