WWE's Retribution Kicks Out Mustafa Ali

Retribution hit the scene as a group of outsiders who were looking to take down the WWE from the [...]

Retribution hit the scene as a group of outsiders who were looking to take down the WWE from the inside, with the majority of them wearing masks to conceal their identities, but the group changed when it was revealed that superstar Mustafa Ali was the man in charge, though Fast Lane has changed things up astronomically. With Ali blaming his recent defeats on his fellow members, Mace and T-Bar of Retribution had enough of their leader and decided to unleash a devastating attack showing Mustafa the door before Fast Lane was set to begin.

Retribution has been a controversial group in the latest months of World Wrestling Entertainment, with many fans believing that they ultimately weren't establishing a credible threat level, despite having Ali being linked to the team. With Mustafa now out of the picture, it will be interesting to see where the masked wrestlers will go in the near future and whether a new wrestler within the ranks of the WWE will lead them. With Retribution having previously focused on wrestlers such as New Day's Austin Creed and Ricochet, it's anyone's guess who they will focus on now that Ali isn't pulling their strings.

WWE shared the big news by recapping the moment that saw both Mace and T-Bar deciding that enough is enough and power slamming Mustafa Ali, with the move acting as their former leader's "pink slip" when it comes to being a part of the group known as Retribution:

There have been plenty of "large teams" of wrestlers that have hit pay dirt throughout the history of professional wrestling, including the likes of the New World Order that completely overtook the organization of World Championship Wrestling. With the likes of the Hurt Business, the New Day, and other teams rampaging through the ranks of the WWE, there is definitely plenty of competition for Retribution to run through should they go down a new path. Needless to say, Retribution definitely has an uphill climb ahead of them.

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