WWE's Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Finally Reunite Against The Bloodline on SmackDown

After Jey Uso picked The Bloodline and took out Sami Zayn, the former friends were set to confront each other on tonight's WWE SmackDown, which came after Zayn unsuccessfully tried to patch things up with Kevin Owens. That they did, and that's where Zayn called out Jey for just being jealous that he didn't hit Roman Reigns with the steel chair first. Jey responded with an attack but Zayn got the better of him until Jimmy Uso came to help, and it appeared the Bloodline would win again. That's when Kevin Owens' music hit, and he came to the ring to help out Zayn and take out The Usos. Things got even better though after Owens and Zayn finally hugged, and the two are now back together to take down The Bloodline.

Zayn came to the ring and said "Alight Jey, this is what you wanted right? This is what you wanted right Uce? Right my dawg! You want me to pull up? I pulled up. So how do you want to do this?" Jey then walked closer to Zayn and said "I gotta job to do tonight but you about to hear this. From day one, I didn't like you. From day one I didn't trust you. They know that. I didn't want you around my family at all. But then, week after week you won people over."

"Jimmy liked you. Solo liked you. The Wiseman liked you. Even the Tribal Chief liked you, but not me Sami. As a boy I always saw it as my job to defend my family, so the one time I let my guard down what do you do? You betray me," Jey said. "You embarrass me. You make me look stupid in front of the whole damn world Sami. I called you my brother, you know what that mean to me? But I know one thing from Day 1, you've always been a fake a** Uce! So what happened next Sami? I ain't got no choice."

"That's a lie! You've had a choice since day one, and you choose to take Roman Reigns' abuse over and over," Zayn said. "I loved the family but I wasn't going to take that every week like you did Jey. I don't think you're mad at me Jey, you're mad at yourself. You're not mad that I hit him with that steel chair. You're just mad you didn't get to do it first."

Jey then clocked Zayn and Zayn hit back, charging at Jey and knocking him down. Jimmy came in though and helped his brother, and the numbers got to Zayn. They held Zayn and Jey hit him with steel steps, and Jimmy then started laying in punches.

That's when Kevin Owens' music hit and the Usos waited for him in the ring. Owens came the other way and hit them from behind, and would take out Jey and Jimmy with Stunners and Powerbombs. He yelled at Jey as he kicked him out of the ring, and when he turned around Zayn was on his feet. 

They looked at each other for a minute and then they hugged, and the crowd lost it. Even Cody Rhodes was watching and smiling backstage. They then stood alongside each other as The Usos were outside, and it would seem that Tag match is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

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