Kurt Angle Explains Why Vince McMahon Didn't Like the 'You Suck' Chants in His Entrance Theme

WWE fans chanting 'You suck!' became so synonymous with Kurt Angle's entrance music that it was [...]

WWE fans chanting "You suck!" became so synonymous with Kurt Angle's entrance music that it was eventually added into the actual music track during his run with the company. But when Angle switched over into a babyface role that part of the theme was edited out. The former WWE Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist explained why Vince McMahon made that decision during a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show.

"I actually never wanted WWE to take the 'You suck' chants out of my 'You Suck' song," Angle said (h/t WrestlingNews.co). "I loved them, as a babyface and as a heel. It was Vince McMahon that didn't like it. He didn't want fans chanting, 'You suck', when I was a babyface, when I was the wrestling machine. Vince wanted to deter them from doing it, so he decided to take the 'You suck' chants out of my song. I loved them. I always liked it. I never had a problem with it, whether I was a heel or a baby. I knew when I was a heel, it was disrespectful, and as a baby, it was out of respect. It was something that the fans related to me, and it stuck for the rest of my career."

Angle was released by the WWE back in April 2020 and has since stated he's turned down various offers to return to the company. But he also revealed on Hannibal TV that he has some sort of project in the works with the promotion. He has also repeatedly shot down the idea of jumping to All Elite Wrestling.

"Well, my relationship with WWE is really good and I like to keep it that way," Angle said back in April. "I don't have any plans of going to AEW. I haven't really spoken to them that much. Just a couple of messages sent back and forth, but nothing serious.

"I have something going on with WWE right now and it most likely will materialize," he added. "I can't talk about it, but that's what I'm waiting on and I don't wanna mess that up. You know the company's been so good to me and I wanna be loyal to them."