Will Kurt Angle Ever Join AEW?

When Paul Wight teased that a 'Hall-of-Fame-worthy' wrestler would be arriving in AEW at the [...]

When Paul Wight teased that a "Hall-of-Fame-worthy" wrestler would be arriving in AEW at the Revolution pay-per-view last week, one of the leading theories was that it would be former WWE Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Angle had been released from his backstage role during the widespread releases of April 2020 and has openly stated in interviews since that he's turned down more-recent contract offers from WWE. During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show he discussed Wight (fka Big Show) signing with the company, then was asked if he'd ever do the same.

"I don't think so," Angle said (h/t Wrestling Inc.) "I texted Big Show and said congratulations on signing with AEW and he said 'Oh man, I feel like I'm 25.' I was like holy s—, you're going to wrestle? He didn't answer me, but he said he felt like he was 25 again, I guess that means he's going to wrestle, I don't know."

Angle talked about turning down WWE in a Wrestling Inc. interview back in September, saying he was focussing on his new nutrition company Physically Fit Nutrition.

"It's just pound the pavement, doing a lot of meetings, a lot of virtual meetings and doing endorsements, some movies that I've been talking to agencies and my manager [about], just getting into the acting industry and doing more with that. My Physically Fit nutrition company, that's my first priority," Angle said. "That's the reason why I didn't take the job at WWE because I wanted to work more on my supplement company and make sure it succeeds.

"It's called Physically Fit nutrition," he added. "We have chicken snacks, which is a kind of like a Chex Mix texture where we flavor them. They're made out of chicken. We also have a plant protein, but they're really good. They taste really good. They're very healthy, and I'm excited to see how this does. We have a private label contract with Amazon. We're also selling them in stores and online, so it's going pretty well."

The wrestler Wight teased wound up being Christian Cage, who teased confronting Kenny Omega over the AEW World Championship on the latest AEW Dynamite.

Do you think Angle will eventually wind up in AEW? Or are his days of hopping to competitors of WWE over? Let us know in the comments below!