Lana and Rusev Reunite for Viral Video, Twitch Stream

Even though their breakup storyline ended months ago, Lana and Rusev (now Miro) have kept their [...]

Even though their breakup storyline ended months ago, Lana and Rusev (now Miro) have kept their kayfabe breakup going on social media as one would not show up on the other's social media profile. But now that Lana and Bobby Lashley have split on television, the married couple has decided to drop the act. Lana (real name CJ Perry) popped up on Miro's Twitch stream this week, and the two recently took part in the TikTok "#WipeItDown Challenge." During the stream Rusev explained why the two hadn't posted anything public together because Lana wanted to keep the storyline alive, joking that she was "learning from The Undertaker."

Lana appeared on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw to reveal that she would now be managing Natalya. Meanwhile Miro was one of the 30+ wrestlers released by WWE back in mid-April and can't jump to another company until his 90-day "No Compete" clause expires.

Check out a sample from Miro's stream below:

Lashley and Lana split after she accidentally cost him a WWE Championship match with Drew McIntyre at Backlash. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, he addressed why his storyline with Rusev faded away months before he was released.

"I don't think it had a proper conclusion," he said. "I think there was so much we could do. "We had a full head of steam, people wanted Rusev to rip my arms off and beat me with them. I really don't know what happened to tell you the truth. I think we were at the point where the revenge needed to happen and it didn't.

"I don't know where we could have went or where we were going to go with it. I just wish that I could have had the match that I wanted to have with Rusev," he continued. "I've seen him in some great matches and I think I could have had one with him."

While Miro has spent plenty of time promoting his new Twitch channel, the former United States Champion hasn't said much about his post-WWE plans in the wrestling business.