Matt Cardona's Match at The WRLD on GCW Had a Bunch of WWE References, Including a Fake Vince McMahon

Matt Cardona defeated Joey Janela at The WRLD on GCW at Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday night. And as has become tradiition for all of Cardona's big GCW matches, it had plenty of references to his old stomping grounds in WWE. He started off by making his way to the ring to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" while Chelsea Green held a kendo stick, an obvious reference to ECW's The Sandman, but he was wearing a red flannel with the words "F— Mick Foley" on the back and a t-shirt that read "If Cardona Wins We Riot" referencing the famous sign from John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand 2006. 

Midway through the match "Smart" Mark Sterling tried to interfere by saying Janela couldn't use Cardona's Internet Championship as a weapon, then brought out "Vince" for backup. A man wearing a Vince McMahon mask made his way out to the ring to McMahon's music, only to reveal it was Virgil (fka Vincent in WCW). Hornswoggle also made an appearance by getting pulled out from under the ring but eventually got sent through a table by a returning Marko Stunt. 

The final sequence saw a man in a black trench coat and biker helmet (another One Night Stand reference, this time for Edge) spear Janela. It was none other than Brian Meyers, who then assisted Cardona in hitting his finisher to score the pin. The two were then chased off by none other than Sean Waltman. 

Update: Mick Foley has responded to Cardona's message:

This story is developing...