Matt Hardy: WWE May Have Jumped the Gun on Releasing Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy took to his Twitch stream on Monday night to comment on the situation regarding Jeff Hardy's sudden departure from WWE. News broke that the former WWE Champion had been released from his contract last Thursday, days after he was sent home from the road following a bizarre incident at a WWE live event back on December 5. Mat said, "What I am saying is Jeff is in the best place I've seen him in a very long time. As far as the details of what went down on that evening and in that match, I've talked with Jeff, I feel good about everything he said and that's Jeff's story to share. And he told me he will, when he's ready to."

"But before anyone rushes to judgment, obviously they drug tested him after all this stuff, wait until you hear the results of that and when that comes back clean then hopefully people will feel better about it," he continued. "Because I feel very good about Jeff, I feel confident about Jeff. And WWE, I understand their stance too. They felt like they were backed into a corner because of his history. Even though they may have jumped the gun with this a little bit, they made a decision and it is what it is. Jeff did say he wasn't going to go to rehabilitation because he didn't feel he needed to. And I don't think he did either. That's the honest to God truth."

Matt went on to say that Jeff has been in a great place for the last year and a half before saying he was proud of both him and his wife Beth for keeping him on the right path.

Jeff has yet to comment on the situation. Following a pair of arrests in 2019 due to alcohol-related offenses, he asked the WWE to send him to rehab. Upon his return to WWE TV, Hardy said in interviews that he felt he was on his "last chance" with the company.

"When I got pulled over October 3 of 2019, the day before I called WWE and said 'I need help. I need treatment," Hardy told Corey Graves on After The Bell at the time. "There's something wrong with me, like with this alcohol thing,' but yeah I've learned so much in recovery, just little things like one day at a time man, just focus on today, not drinking or not drugging and it's just calling my sponsor everyday and talking to another alcoholic man," he continued. "There's something powerful about it when you admit what you are and you can like own that and just man, and there's a huge piece in my heart and my mind knowing that if I never drink again I'm never going to get into any other trouble. Jeff Hardy plus no drinking equals no trouble cause all my troubles came from either drugs or alcohol. And like with the alcohol, I can't drink like other people and I've surrendered and I've just manned up to that, you know and there's nothing wrong with it."