Here's What Really Happened When Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black Were Thrown Off the WWE Headquarters Roof

Late into Sunday night's Money in the Bank Ladder Match King Corbin casually tossed both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black over the railing of the WWE Headquarters roof. Many WWE fans then took to Twitter wondering aloud if they had just witnessed the death of two wrestlers, and Black played along by posting a picture of a ghost. But don't panic — the two men are actually alive and well. It turns out that the set WWE used on the roof of their headquarters building did not take up the entire area of the roof, so when Mysterio and Black were tossed they simply landed on what appears to be some crash pads.

Twitter user @nathan_heusch grabbed a snapshot of the set from the Money in the Bank broadcast, which shows a full layout of the film set.

On Monday Mysterio was back on Instagram anyway to celebrate his wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile AJ Styles is still out here protesting the finish to the match. Shortly after Asuka won the Women's briefcase the male Superstars made their way to the roof.


The final moments saw Corbin and Styles both unhooking the briefcase at the same time, followed by Elias suddenly appearing and whacking Corbin in the back with a guitar. As Corbin fell to the ground Styles fumbled with the case, causing it to fall into the arms of Otis. Because it was ruled that Styles didn't have possession when he was the only one holding the case, Otis was declared the winner.