WWE: Is Montez Ford Really Injured?

This week's Monday Night Raw featured a backstage segment involving members of The Bloodline confronting The Street Profits. Solo Sikoa stepped up to both of the former tag team champions looking for a fight, but then the camera panned down to show Montez Ford was in a walking boot. Sikoa went on to face Angelo Dawkins one-on-one and was victorious in 12 minutes. But the question of Ford's status remained unanswered by the time the show was over. 

There hadn't been any recent reports of Ford going down with an injury, but he hasn't wrestled a match since a Sept. 24 house show. Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp then noted he hasn't heard confirmation about the injury but did point out that the walking boot Ford was using was brought in by the prop department. 

Ford and Dawkins spent a good chunk of the summer trying and failing to beat The Usos for the unified tag team championships and rumors that the pair might get split up started to swirl around online. Those stopped shortly after Triple H took over as Chief Content Office for WWE

"Keep bringing it 100 percent. I know as a kid, speaking for myself, I've always had dreams of being a WWE World Champion," Ford said in an interview with Wrestling Inc back in July. "That dream just never fades away man. You know, when you're here, I feel like if you're not trying to be the guy or the team, then what are you here for? You know besides the money. But still at the same time, like you want to create a legacy."

Bianca Belair, Ford's wife and fellow WWE Superstar, was asked about the rumors last month (h/t Inside The Ropes) — "No, honestly, it doesn't [bother him]. My husband is someone who lives in the moment. He doesn't worry about our focus on things that haven't happened yet, or the possibility of things. He's very focused on what's happening in the moment and just being the absolute best version of himself where he is right now. You know, anything that he's doing to improve himself is to make The Street Profits better.

"Right now, they've been in the run for the Tag Team Titles for a very long time. So his main goal right now is to continue this on with his brother Angelo Dawkins and try to get those Tag Team Titles and then whatever comes in the future is what's going to happen. I mean, we live by the motto 'what's for you, will be for you.' I will say the future is going to be amazing for him," she added. "He has so much potential and I can't wait until that time comes. But in the meantime, they are a tag team. They have a very strong bond, and they're going after those Tag Team Titles."

h/t Fightful Select