Rick and Scott Steiner Question Bron Breakker's Name Change During Table for 3

WWE's decision to change Bronson Rechsteiner's in-ring name from Rex Steiner to Bron Breakker has been a consistent talking point ever since the current NXT Champion first made his NXT 2.0 debut. Even his own father and uncle, WWE Hall of Famers Rick and Scott Steiner, openly asked Bron about it during the latest Table for 3. Rick posed the question by asking, "I know (the) came up with Bron Breakker. Why not Bron Steiner or something?" Scott then chimed in to say, "Yeah, who comes up with that?"

"I kind of came up with it from football and just playing football I tried to hurt people or break people in half when I was blocking or whatever," Breakker said. "That's kind of how I came up with the name and I don't feel like we need to use the name (Steiner) for me to be successful. I mean, I think I should, just go my own, go my own route and pay tribute to you guys."

The two proceeded to poke fun at Breakker using the pair's moves and iconography, as well as a botch he did back at Halloween Havoc 2021. Breakker has previously spoken about the thought process, talking about wanting to set out on his own path in the industry.

"We were just sitting around one day and I'm like, 'Well, when I used to block people in football, I used to try to break them in half,'" Breakker said. "That was literally what I tried to do: snap them in half and break them. What if I'm the breaker? I break people, Breakker, and then it came to me. Bron is part of my first name and that's what we went with."

"What my dad and uncle did before me with some of their promos and stuff that they've done, they've laid all this groundwork," he added. "There's all this stuff out there for me to use if I want to. Obviously, I'm not going to bank my entire... that's not what I'm going for. I want to make a name for myself and stand on my own, but there's certain things out there we can use."