Christian Rumored for a WWE Raw Appearance Tonight

Last week's Monday Night Raw featured a Peep Show segment involving Christian, Edge and Randy [...]

Last week's Monday Night Raw featured a Peep Show segment involving Christian, Edge and Randy Orton as part of the build for the latter two's "Greatest Match Ever" at the Backlash pay-per-view. That match wound up resulting in Orton winning via a Punt Kick and Edge suffering a tricep tear, so it sounds like their feud won't result in another match at least for a while. But the WWE might not be done with "Captain Charisma" just yet.

Both @WrestleVotes and TalkSport's Alex McCarthy have teased Christian appearing again on Raw this week. Whether or not he'll actually get physically involved with Orton remains to be seen.

Update: PWInsider's Mike Johnson confirmed later in the day that both Christian and Paul Heyman were present for the Raw tapings this afternoon.

Christian was forced to retire back in 2014 after a string of concussions. And while Edge was able to comeback after a career-ending neck injury, the former World Heavyweight Champion has repeatedly shot down the idea of returning to the ring. But then again, Edge did the same thing for months leading up to his Royal Rumble return.

"It's one of those things, right? It's a completely different injury," he told Booker T back in April. "I'm pretty content with all that I've accomplished in WWE. I pretty much accomplished everything I ever wanted to do except main event WrestleMania, and let's be honest, how many people actually get a chance to do that? I'm forty-six years old and I had some concussion issues.

"It's just a matter of, I don't see it happening. I'm medically disqualified. Not sure how I would ever get cleared," he added.

Christian and Orton have plenty of history in their own right. Back in 2011 Orton infamously ended Christian's first world championship reign two days after winning it thanks to an impromptu match. His obsession with getting "one more match" with Orton caused him to turn heel and win back the championship through underhanded means. Their feud ended with Orton getting an emphatic win at that year's SummerSlam.

This week's Raw will feature a show-opening promo from Orton, an injury update on Edge, an appearance from Ric Flair and Dominik Mysterio, a tag team match involving Drew McIntyre, R-Truth, Bobby Lashley and MVP and a Raw Women's Championship match between Asuka and Nia Jax.