WWE Raw Superstar Reveals Injury Will Take Him out of Action

It's always disappointing when an injury occurs, and a WWE Superstar has revealed an injury will take him out of in-ring action for a bit. WWE's Shelton Benjamin revealed on social media that he will be out of action for a while, writing "For only the second time In my career An injury has put me on the shelf. I'll be back soon. In the meantime, I will be putting in the work to come back better than I was before my little setback. See you guys soon!" We wish Benjamin all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Hopefully when Benjamin is back to 100% he can get a renewed push on Monday Night Raw. In fact, many would love to see a reunion of The Hurt Business happen down the line, though that seems a bit further away after MVP recently turned on Bobby Lashley and aligned with Omos. Still, we've seen Paul Heyman come back into the fold of The Bloodline after his turn to help Brock Lesnar, so anything's possible.

The Hurt Business quickly became fan favorites, and soon after they formed they were already holding Title Gold, with Benjamin and Cedric Alexander becoming Tag Team Champions. That's why it shocked quite a few fans when WWE decided to split them up so soon, and in a previous interview with Vicente Beltran, Benjamin revealed how he felt about the split after it happened.

"Yeah, it was heartbreaking [Hurt Business split]. It was hard, yeah, very. I feel like we had so much more. We hadn't even scratched the surface in my opinion of where we could've gone, what we could've done. You know, the potential wars we could've had with guys like The New Day and The Bloodline, pretty much any other faction but, yeah, it was hard but, again, it's a business. You have to accept it and move on and the sooner you accept it and move on from it, you know, the happier you'll be – well, you're never gonna be happy about it but it's like, 'Okay, what's next?' Because I'm not going to get anywhere crying about what was. Okay, let's deal with what is, what are we doing now and what are we doing going forward. So that's where the quicker you can get on – the quicker you can get to that, the better," Benjamin said.

We wish Benjamin all the best and wish him a quick recovery.

H/T Post Wrestling