WWE Reveals Final Lineup for NXT Women's Title Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver

Since NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez collapsed in the ring several weeks ago, WWE announced that there would be a Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver to decide the new Women's Champion. After multiple qualifying matches, there was one slot left in the match, and it would be Ivy Nile, Indi Hartwell, and Sol Ruca vying for that spot. All three had come close in their previous qualifying matches, but tonight they pulled out all the stops on their second chance, and at one point it looked like Ruca would secure that spot. Unfortunately for her, she was knocked out of the ring by Hartwell, who then pinned Nile for the win and the final spot in the match.

Early on Nile went for a cover on Hartwell but Ruca broke it up. Ruca then went after Hartwell and sent her over the ropes to the outside, and Ruca then hit Nile with a dropkick that knocked her outside too. She went up top and collided with both on the outside and then tried to pin Hartwell in the ring but she kicked out.

Ruca landed another hit on Hartwell but Nile came in and went on a tear, knocking both stars to the mat and going for a cover and then an armbar on Ruca. Hartwell broke that submission up and she went for a cover on Nile, but she kicked out. Hartwell went for a cover on Nile but Ruca broke it up, and then Hartwell missed a kick and had her head pulled back against the ropes. Ruca hit a splash and went for a pin on Hartwell, but Nile broke it up.

Nile evaded a move to roll up Ruca but she escaped, and Nile went for another one but Ruca kicked out. Ruca reversed a move from Nile and then hit a super kick, and she missed Hartwell but she got power bombed instead into a cover, though Ruca kicked out. Nile locked Hartwell into a submission but Ruca hit the Sol Snatcher and broke it up.

Hartwell hit the big boot and knocked Ruca out of the ring, giving her enough time to pin Nile and get the win, securing her spot in the NXT Women's Championship match at Stand & Deliver.

Hartwell will now face Zoey Stark, Lyra Valkyria, Gigi Dolin, and Tiffany Stratton in the match, but as revealed earlier in the episode, Shawn Michaels gave Roxanne Perez the all-clear to enter the match. Now Perez will have a chance to defend her Title at Stand & Deliver, and the match is sure to be a thrilling one with all the talent in the ring.

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