WWE Makes Roman Reigns vs Edge Official for Money in the Bank

Last night's episode of SmackDown ended with Roman Reigns' getting more than he bargained for [...]

Last night's episode of SmackDown ended with Roman Reigns' getting more than he bargained for after he and Paul Heyman went on about the lack of competition. They had a big announcement planned, but they were interrupted by a returning Edge, who hit the ring with fury and sent Reigns reeling. Jimmy Uso then interrupted and tried to help his cousin, but Edge got the better of him too, though Reigns did escape more punishment with a chair. After the segment, many assumed this would be the match-up we're getting at Money in the Bank, and now that is officially the case, and we even have a new poster for it.

On Talking Smack they showed footage of what happened after SmackDown, and we see Edge heading backstage looking amped. We then see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talking about what just happened and Heyman's expression when Edge storms in and demands a match.

Edge says he wants Roman one on one, just like the match that should've happened at WrestleMania, which ended up having Daniel Bryan thrown into the mix for a Triple Threat. He also said he wasn't asking, he was demanding, and Pearce and Deville agreed to it.

Then we got the poster for it, and they will indeed clash at Money in the Bank, and it appears to be a standard one on one match without any stipulations. We'll see if that's the case by the time the pay-per-view rolls around though, as there are a few episodes of SmackDown between now and then.

Now, it's also interesting that Seth Rollins was on Talking Smack when this was revealed, and he said he didn't have an earpiece so he didn't know what happened. Kayla Braxton and Pat McAfee told him that it was Reigns vs Edge for Money in the Bank, which shocked Rollins since he wanted a match against Reigns for the Universal Championship. He was pretty distraught about it and said they must be mistaken.

So, does Rollins work his way into the match at some point, further angering Edge and throwing in another wild card, or does Rollins somehow intervene or disrupt the match in Roman's favor so that he can be the one to dethrone him? Either would be intriguing, and they could go a different route entirely too, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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