Watch: Roman Reigns Tears Into John Cena on The Pat McAfee Show

Roman Reigns was a guest on Wednesday's The Pat McAfee Show, where he was asked a number of [...]

Roman Reigns was a guest on Wednesday's The Pat McAfee Show, where he was asked a number of questions about his upcoming WWE Universal Championship match with John Cena at SummerSlam. Reigns stayed mostly in character throughout the interview, tearing into the 16-time former world champion for daring to come back and try to challenge his spot as "The Head of the Table." Reigns kicked things off by saying, "Like anybody at the top of their game I think there's a very polarizing effect. There's a lot of good things John Cena is done, obviously Make-a-Wish, a charitable guy. But when it comes to our profession, sports entertainment, he's levels below me in this game."

"Entertainment is storytelling, right? I'm the greatest storyteller of our generation, of our time. He's a big name, he's a big star," he continued. "He's a movie star now. But he, like so many other greats, they camouflage themselves, they disguise themselves. You see me every Friday night, I have to dull this s— down. I come out there in some sweatpants and some J's. I don't have to throw on the crazy colors, wear wristbands all over my body. I don't have to make myself something that I'm not."

Reigns then said Cena should have just come back to promote The Suicide Squad and leave him alone in the main event. McAfee then mentioned how Michael Cole has dubbed Cena the greatest of all time, prompting Reigns to call Cole stupid.

"We like John at the beginning of the show," Reigns said. "Get them going, bring that yelling charisma and get the crowd going. 'I think you can be louder, town!' and get them to scream again. That's fun, right? That's a good time. But it's going to be an ugly night in Vegas."

He added that Cena should simply "cash out" and not go to Vegas. The pair are expected to have a face-to-face confrontation on this week's SmackDown.