WWE: Possible Sign That Roman Reigns vs. The Rock Is in Motion

Time is ticking for WWE to make a dream clash of the Anoa'i family happen. Recent reports have suggested that WWE is looking to lock in the WWE WrestleMania 39 main event by mid-January, likely due to the fact that it is directly linked to January's WWE Royal Rumble. The multi-man battle royal mandates that the winner challenges the world champion later that year at WrestleMania, and with Roman Reigns currently holding both of WWE's top prizes, Reigns's Mania opponent would need to get that Royal Rumble W in order to make their match happen. With that logic in mind, reports have suggested that WWE is considering having Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson compete in and win the men's Royal Rumble match next month.

While Rock vs. Reigns is far from confirmed, as all signs point to the match only happening if The Rock's schedule allows, a recent update indicates that the bout could be being set in motion. According to PWInsider, Reigns and Paul Heyman were in Los Angeles, California this past Monday. 

Reigns's absence from Monday Night Raw is expected, as the Tribal Chief works a part-time schedule, but his location is noteworthy. The Rock was also in Los Angeles as of this past Sunday, evident by his attendance at the Los Angeles Rams game. The timing of Reigns's visit to LA will lead to speculation that he could have been there to link up with his cousin, possibly to discuss plans for WWE WrestleMania 39.

The Rock himself has teased a match with Reigns during his Black Adam press tour. While he "acknowledged" Reigns in one interview, he told another reporter that they were "looking at" the Head of the Table, pointing to himself. Rock joked after calling himself Reigns's monicker that Reigns was going to text him about it.

Reigns is currently in the midst of the most dominant title reign of the 21st century. He captured the WWE Universal Title in August 2020 and has not looked back since. Reigns's title run has eclipsed nearly every world champion in WWE history, with only Pedro Morales, Hulk Hogan, Bob Backlund, and Bruno Samartino holding the company's top prize for a longer consecutive duration. Reigns added the WWE Championship to his belt this past April at WWE WrestleMania 38, unifying WWE's world titles for the first time since December 2013.

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