WWE's Seth Rollins Reveals WrestleMania 38 Storyline is Really Close to the Truth Thanks to Day 1 Chaos

One of the more intriguing mysteries leading into WrestleMania 38 is just who Seth Rollins will be facing as his opponent, a storyline that has weaved its way throughout Monday Night Raw and social media over the past several weeks. The latest development is that Rollins will have a match against an opponent that Vince McMahon will reveal at WrestleMania, and many are keeping their eyes on Cody Rhodes to be that opponent. As for the storyline, during a recent interview with Jimmy Traina of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Rollins said this storyline of navigating chaos to get a match at WrestleMania 38 is pretty close to the truth, and things really went haywire at Day 1.

"You do what I've been doing and you try to make it work. That's what I've done the last few weeks, try to work my way into WrestleMania. People say, 'this is ridiculous, this is preposterous, you're Seth Freakin Rollins, how can you miss WrestleMania?' If you only knew how close to the truth this storyline was, your mind would be blown. This is a very legitimate situation for me. The pieces went haywire at Day 1 in Atlanta. COVID blew the whole thing up, you see Brock Lesnar walk out with the WWE Championship, all hell broke loose, and its dominoes. Everything has to fall. Bobby Lashley gets hurt. Everything is chaos after that," Rollins said.

"This is a very legitimate situation that has translated to screen time every Monday and it's been a fun story because it's the only match that is up in the air. It's the only thing you can follow every week and go, 'what's going to happen next? What are these weird crossroads we're going to get into to get into the finish line?' It's been fun. Not my ideal way to go into WrestleMania, it's a lot of extra stress, but it's been a party and we're going to get there one way or another. I'm very excited to get to Dallas and I'm going to have my WrestleMania moment one way or the other," Rollins said.

Regardless of who Rollins' opponent ends up being, he's not worried about the moment or the match not living up to the hype. "It's going to be a moment. One thing I've learned on this journey to try and find my way to WrestleMania is that, I am Seth Freakin Rollins and I am the moment. You look at WrestleMania over the last eight to ten years, and all I do is make moments. It doesn't matter who I'm in the ring with or what we've got going on, I find a way to make moments. I am the moment. I am my own main event at WrestleMania," Rollins said.

"Anybody lucky enough to share the ring with me has a good chance to steal the show," Rollins said. "You can run down the laundry list of my past WrestleMania accomplishments, but it's right there in front of you. It too me a while to see that, but I am WrestleMania. I'm the new Mr. WrestleMania. Shawn (Michaels) had his time, he'll always be the original Mr. WrestleMania, but look at the track record the last decade. They don't get no better than me," Rollins said.

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