WWE's Shawn Michaels Offers Fan Favorite an NXT Contract

WWE NXT packed quite a bit into two hours, as tonight's episode featured a surprise team-up, a cage match, and a major Title change among other memorable moments. One such moment was the in-ring debut of Hank Walker, an NXT security guard who has been butting heads with Big Body Javi over the past few weeks. Walker finally got his chance to go one-on-one with Javi, and after an impressive performance he came away with the win, and the NXT crowd has clearly been behind him from day one. They definitely showed that tonight and Shawn Michaels rewarded that by offering him an official NXT contract. You can watch the moment unfold for yourself in the post below.

After the match, WWE released a behind-a-scenes video showing Walker's friends on the security team celebrating his big win, and they couldn't have been happier for him. Then Shawn Michaels came out and said "congratulations. Big win. I'd like to take this time to offer you an official NXT contract. Sign it whenever you want."

Walker didn't get a chance to sign right away though as Javi walked up to the group. He said tonight was a fluke and that he should consider himself lucky, and then everyone looked at Walker. Michaels laughed and said "what a pr***" and everyone laughed while Walker signed the contract, making him an official part of NXT's roster.

Every time Walker appears on screen the crowd reacts, so it will be interesting to see what NXT has in store for him next. We'll probably get a rematch with Javi, but after that, who knows. We could be looking at a future star for the brand, and with a few current stars probably on their way to the main roster over the next few months, it would be a perfect time for that to happen.

Speaking of moving to the main roster, Michaels is one of many who are excited for this new Triple H era of WWE Creative, and in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Michaels said he hopes that together they can create a powerful one-two punch.

"We hope now that we can put together a really powerful one-two punch between NXT and the main roster that's going to drive WWE to even greater heights," Michaels said. "He wants to stick to the mission statement, which is to be the greatest sports entertainment company on the face of the earth. I'm going to do everything here to help, and he'll have the entire support of NXT. We're all excited for the future."

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