Shawn Michaels Admits He Regrets Coming Out of Retirement for WWE's Crown Jewel

The 2018 Crown Jewel tag team match between The Brothers of Destruction and D-Generation X has [...]

The 2018 Crown Jewel tag team match between The Brothers of Destruction and D-Generation X has gone down as one of WWE's most infamous matches in recent history. On top of it being a slow, clunky main event, the bout saw Shawn Michaels come out of retirement for one last match after his emotional retirement back at WrestleMania 26. "The Heartbreak Kid" has stated in previous interviews that he didn't regret the more, nor did he think it "counted" as him breaking his retirement rule. But in a new interview with The New York Post the former WWE Champion and current NXT producer changed his tune.

For those who missed it, last year's The Last Ride documentary series recapped The Undertaker's numerous attempts to properly retire, beginning with his WrestleMania 33 match with Roman Reigns. Late in the series he spoke about how disappointing that tag match was as he legitimately believed it could be a match he could proudly go out on. Michaels told the paper he never knew that was "The Phenom's" mindset.

"I do [regret it]," Michaels said. "I had no idea that from Mark's [Calaway, Undertaker's real name] standpoint he was looking at it as that might be one he could walk away on.

"That's something that I think to myself now, 'oh my goodness I wish that I'd have known that,' " he added.

Michaels said the match still "lives in a separate world" compared to the rest of his career, and says he doesn't let the decision haunt him.

"I think people have always been kind of confused with my peace and joy with the way I did things and that somehow there should be something nagging at me, something left unfinished," Michaels said. "I think it's hard for people to not always see me as Shawn Michaels and I see the entire picture and I know the guy who started as a 200-pound guy that wasn't supposed to make it. So for me, I compare that to what I did get the opportunity to do and it's hard not to be happy about that."

During the documentary Michaels, Triple H and Undertaker openly roast the match as a "train wreck."

"It couldn't have gone any worse," Triple H said.

"It was a total train wreck, it was a disaster," Undertaker said.

"Whoa, goodness. It totally blew," Michaels said.