WWE Reportedly Booking Major Rap Star to Host SummerSlam 2021

Reports of WWE's plans for this year's SummerSlam have been popping up throughout the past week. [...]

Reports of WWE's plans for this year's SummerSlam have been popping up throughout the past week. But other than a date — August 21 — nothing has been confirmed about the show other than that the location will be announced during the Belmont Stakes race next weekend. John Cena's name has already been brought up as a potential headlining return, Paul Heyman has started teasing Brock Lesnar's return to the fold and now a new report has popped up regarding who WWE wants to host the show — Grammy winner Cardi B.

B has openly expressed her pro wrestling fandom in the past and even teased getting into a feud with Lacey Evans back in January. B's song "Up" was used during a teaser for SummerSlam during Friday's episode of SmackDown, and The Mat Men Podcast's Andrew Zarian's reported on Friday that WWE has her booked for the show

WWE president Nick Khan talked about B's involvement back in February, noting that she and fellow rapper Bad Bunny (who put on a spectacular in-ring performance at WrestleMania 37) are helping bring in younger fans.

"Yes, and specifically the two that you just mentioned," Khan said in an interview with Forbes in February. "Obviously, there is no touring right now, so the ability to get Bad Bunny for however long this run is going to be — and you're going to see a lot of him — I don't believe that would have existed in a world where Bad Bunny was on tour. That's going to be a continual effort, so we're always going to watch Bad Bunny, Cardi B to get involved."

"It made it a touch easier to get a deal done this time because they weren't — over the course of however long the deal is--is not in 25 different cities during that time. The bulk of concert money is made in the summertime. It doesn't appear as if there are going to be big tours during the summer, even we're all hopeful, so we'll see what other folks we're talking to and who you'll see in the mix."

Are you interested in seeing Cardi perform and host at SummerSlam? Should she step inside the ring for a match too? Let us know in the comments below!