WWE's Triple H Meets With Bad Bunny Amid WrestleMania 39 Rumors

Paul "Triple H" Levesque took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to post a photo of himself with Bad Bunny in Los Angeles — the same city that will host WrestleMania 39 next April. "The Game" wrote, "@sanbenito (Bad Bunny) is such a big star that when he drops in to have lunch... he just lands his plane in downtown L.A., eats and then takes off... #RockStarLife." The post comes just one week after former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide spoke on the rumors of WWE looking to run a pay-per-view in Puerto Rico in early 2023, which along with WrestleMania 39 would both feature the former WWE 24/7 Champion. 

"You asked here questions earlier about the passion and the dedication and hard work and everything else that goes into being a WWE Superstar. We do things with people like Bad Bunny, Pat McAfee, or Logan Paul. The excitement level that that brings to fans outside of what we do, but I love working with people like when they have the same passion as our Superstars have," Triple H said following Clash at the Castle while hinting at Bad Bunny's return to the ring

"One thing about Bad Bunny is when we were going to work with Bad Bunny and he was going to face The Miz and they were doing all of their business for that, at that period of time I was at the Performance Center...almost weekly, absolutely weekly, and every single time I would go there I would walk in and they would say to me 'Bunny's in the other room training if you want to go say hi.' He was in there and I would go in there and he would be pouring with sweat. He'd be beat up, he was grinding," he added. 

He went on to say, "When we talked to him about that event, he got himself a house in Orlando. Lived there. Came to that Performance Center every single day. People talk about Logan Paul. You talk to Logan Paul on a regular basis. You don't get as good as he is, as good as Bunny is, that quickly that fast without putting in the dedication and the hard work. So to me he deserves every bit of respect that anybody else does. It's what I said to Bunny after we worked with him the first time. You earned my respect. I don't give it easily. Logan Paul same thing. Earned my respect. I don't give it easily. Pat McAfee. Same thing. There's a list of people like that. People don't want to take it seriously. They don't want to respect what we do, I don't want to work with them, but when it's somebody like Bad Bunny, absolutely. Little bit of a spoiler here but he and I are going to have a conversation very very soon. It's already scheduled. We're going to go and see what's available. Biggest music star in the world, so let's go."

Bunny made his in-ring debut for WWE back at WrestleMania 37, teaming with Damian Priest to beat The Miz and John Morrison. He then was a surprise entrant in this year's Men's Royal Rumble and made it to the final five before getting dumped out by Brock Lesnar.