WWE and UFC "Hyper-Focused" on Creating Event Similar to NFL Draft

What would a co-branded WWE and UFC event look like?

While WWE and UFC are now one giant conglomerate known as "TKO" on Wall Street, both sporting giants will continue to operate as their own entities moving forward. UFC President Dana White has emphasized that he sees little crossover potential within the two brands' rosters as well as their two fanbases. WWE CEO Nick Khan has been a bit more optimistic with his comments, focusing on shining light on the synergetic promotional opportunities with WWE and UFC, specifically teasing a super-sized weekend where both companies host big events from the same city, leading to a UFC pay-per-view on a Saturday immediately followed by a WWE premium live event that Sunday.

WWE and UFC Building Towards Co-Branded Event?


Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan pointed to one of football's biggest spectacles as a source of inspiration for a future WWE x UFC co-branded event.

"The NFL Draft. The first in Philly, where they took it out of New York and hundreds of thousands of people are there. What is there like that for UFC and WWE that could work?" Khan said. "That's something we're hyper-focused on."

What Would This Look Like?

(Photo: WWE, UFC)

For starters, a WWE and UFC co-branded draft would not work. It has been stressed that the two companies will remain separate, meaning that there is no world where Israel Adensaya is selected by WWE SmackDown or Austin Theory gets picked to be a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter.

WWE CEO Nick Khan's of a co-branded event might be better compared to something like a Marvel Studios Hall H panel. Just as Marvel President Kevin Feige takes the San Diego Comic-Con stage every summer to dish out upcoming announcements, like the "phase" film and television slate reveals every couple of summers, WWE and UFC could hold an event that announces that year's slate of pay-per-views and premium live events.

Considering UFC fighters compete three times a year at the very most, this is an opportunity for UFC to begin early promotion on pay-per-views by announcing a card's headlining talent. On the contrary, WWE has close to its full roster available for each monthly premium live event, so this co-branded schedule release could be a chance for it to announce that show's stipulations.

If Khan is married to doing a draft, there is a small chance an aspect of that could be realized.

"Once the UFC and the fighter says, 'Hey, maybe now's the time to call it a day,' could those people have a longer life at WWE, an extended life with TKO?" Khan said in a previous interview. "We think so."

If someone like Conor McGregor or Amanda Nunes is ready to step away from the octagon and embrace the squared circle, a co-branded event like Khan is teasing would be the best place to make that announcement.