Report: WWE's Original Plan for Vince McMahon's Egg Storyline

The bizarre storyline surrounding Vince McMahon's stolen golden egg was brought to an end on last week's Monday Night Raw. After having the egg (which McMahon claimed to be the "real" Cleopatra egg, one of the main plot points of The Rock's new Netflix movie Red Notice) stolen at Survivor Series, McMahon ordered Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to try and find the culprit and even offered up a WWE Championship match with Big E as a reward. It was then revealed that Austin Theory unintentionally stole the egg after attempting to take a selfie with it. McMahon admired Theory's honesty and awarded him the title shot (which he lost), then chastised Sami Zayn for being a "snitch." 

But this wasn't always what WWE had in mind for this storyline. Sean Ross Sapp reported via Fightful Select that a WWE source claimed the original plan was "much worse with the stakes much lower," with the 24/7 Championship involved at one point. The promotional team affiliated with the film then shot down the idea. Sapp also echoed previous reports that WWE's promotion of Red Notice via the storyline netted the company a handsome payday. 

Dwayne Johnson spoke with ComicBook earlier this month while promoting the movie and discussed the possibility of coming back for one more match with his cousin Roman Reigns at a future WrestleMania.

"I don't know if I have another title run, considering I'm the People's Champion, but I don't know if it's another title run," Johnson said, "I think possibly, you know, there might be another match down the road. It would have to make sense."

"It seems like Roman, you know, I'm very close with Roman obviously, and we talk about this all the time, and I continue to encourage him to keep doing your thing, keep sharpening those skills," he continued. "I think he's doing a great job with his promo, his execution, his in-ring work. It all continues to improve and grow. And that's always the best part, I think, about that world of professional wrestling is that when someone gets anointed and given the ball to run, they either score a touchdown with it or they don't. But then some, not only score a touchdown with it, but then they begin to change the way the game is played. And in Roman's case, he's slowly doing that, and you could start to read the tea leaves. And again, I'm very, very proud of him. I like everything that he's doing. I like everything that the Usos are doing. I like what they're doing together, and we'll see down the road."