WWE: More Information on the Vince McMahon Allegations Is On The Way

The WWE Board of Directors' investigation into Vince McMahon's alleged sexual misconduct with various former employees has been ongoing since April and following The Wall Street Journal's initial report in June more mainstream media outlets have been providing their coverage on the situation. According to PWInsider, HBO's Real Sports With Bryan Gumbel has started contacting people (particularly former WWE female employees) about a piece regarding the investigation. 

WSJ's Joe Palazzolo and Ted Mann were also recently on Busted Open Radio and confirmed that more reporting on the allegations is underway. PWI's Mike Johnson echoed that by writing he can "also confirm that reporters for the Wall Street Journal are working on another potential story on McMahon that they expect to drop in the coming weeks..."

"No, you're asking if there's something bigger than a $7.5, that's not something we have in our back pocket. We left it all out on the field on a story. There are a couple of things we are still reporting on," Palazzolo told Busted Open Radio, saying the pair haven't found anything bigger than the settlement McMahon made with a former wrestler over allegedly demoting and firing her over rebuking his sexual advances.

"Sometimes, this has happened in similar scandals elsewhere, there are people who have something to share who become a little more emboldened to talk about it once some of the first coverage has happened and we're still working to figure out if there are such people out there," Mann added.

Following the initial report about McMahon's alleged affair with a former WWE paralegal, McMahon opted to temporarily step down as the WWE CEO and Chairman. Stephanie McMahon has stepped into both of those roles on an interim basis, but Vince has continued to operate as Head of Creative meaning his weekly appearances at both Raw and SmackDown have continued unabated. WWE's only official statement on the matter has been that the company will be fully complying with the investigation. 

As for WWE's television product, McMahon started popping up on episodes of Raw and SmackDown following the initial report but those appearances stopped when the second Wall Street Journal article dropped in early July. WWE's next premium live event, SummerSlam, takes place on July 30 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

h/t PWInsider