Xavier Woods Pitches a Wild WWE Cinematic Match for The New Day

With WWE still unable to have fans in attendance for live shows, the company has adopted a popular [...]

With WWE still unable to have fans in attendance for live shows, the company has adopted a popular new trend over the past several months of creating cinematic matches away from the WWE Performance Center. So far the new format has been well-received overall, with the Boneyard Match (AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker), the Firefly Fun House Match (Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena) and this year's Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WWE Headquarters all being the highlights of their respective events. Since then a few wrestlers have pitched their own ideas for a cinematic match, and Xavier Woods has a pretty wild one for The New Day if they could get artist Lisa Frank involved.

"When I got to see this [Undertaker and AJ Styles] Boneyard Match it really touched my soul. But The New Day match, essentially my way of explaining to people that don't watch wrestling, I say, 'Hey, remember Lisa Frank back in the day? All those folders with the bright colors and dolphins? Imagine if Lisa Frank just threw up on three black guys. That's New Day," Woods explained on The No-Sports Report. "So it'd be something where we're in this weird, magical, like a rainbow world, but like there's this weird shadow land area like in the Lion King where like we don't go there, but when we do, it's game time. So, uh, lots of sunshine, lots of rainbows, lots of inanimate objects talking to you... It'd be super weird. I like the dissonance between something horrible happening like us just being someone to a pulp with like a nice, children's music like "Baby Shark" playing in the background."

"I would lose my mind [if Frank got involved, especially if she was like a Wizard of Oz. We just always reported to Lisa Frank and you finally get to see her. She turns around in this wheelchair and it's like, 'Oh my God. It's really her!'"

Woods has been out of action with an Achilles injury since last October. Since then Kofi Kingston and Big E have won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships twice, making the trio eight-time tag team champions. The pair successfully defended the belts on Sunday night against The Forgotten Sons, Lucha House Party and The Miz & John Morrison at Money in the Bank on Sunday.

H/t WrestleZone for transcript