WWE's Liv Morgan Explains Knicks Game Viral Moment

This week saw WWE's Liv Morgan in the middle of a viral moment, though it had nothing to do with wrestling. The viral moment happened while Morgan was attending a New York Knicks game, a game she was attending with WWE SVP of Live Events Justin Scalise. At one point the camera moved over to them and Scalise could be seen telling Morgan something but her attention was centered on the game. The facial expressions of Morgan are what really caught people's attention, and they quickly became meme material. Today on The Bump Morgan was asked about the moment and she explained what happened.

"I have so many things I want to say. What a bizarre moment! It's so weird to me. Like, what goes viral and what doesn't. I mean, first of all, I just want to say we had no idea that we were even being filmed. We had no idea that the camera was on us, which doesn't excuse anything. But that is Justin Scalise, who works here for WWE [SVP Of Live Events]. He's incredible," Morgan said.

"He was explaining something to me, and I was watching the game, and I was, like, listening. But I was also kind of deep in my head, thinking my own thoughts," Morgan said. "I was just like, Dudududu. You know, kind of like in my own world, just so unaware that this was being filmed. And so my phone was blowing up, and I just see this footage and I just was like, oh, my gosh, Justin, I'm so sorry. And he's been such a great sport about it."

I don't know, it's just the most bizarre weirdest thing but, it was so weird but also let's say I was ignoring him...it's Women's History Month and we have every single right," Morgan said. "We have every single right!" The room busted up laughing, and you can find the full video in the post above.

Up next for Morgan is WrestleMania 39, and while she doesn't have an official match on the card just yet, the assumption is she will before the big show arrives. Whether that's a singles match, a Tag Match, or some sort of Gauntlet match or other stipulation remains to be seen, but it would break a crime for Morgan not to be included in the WrestleMania mix.

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