Karl Urban Says A Dredd Sequel Would Likely Be Based on Origins Storyline

Update Sept. 7, 7:30 p.m. EST - This story originally indicated that the film would likely be a prequel rather than a sequel, which is inaccurate. The use of lowercase "origins" in the original report threw me and I wasn't thinking.

Convention appearances can often be very revealing, as celebrities don't realize microphones are on, or are just having so much fun interacting with fans that they don't particularly care.

And that's how we get our latest bit of Dredd sequel news: that, in fact, we could see a Dredd story based on the "Origins" storyline from 2000AD.

Here's what Jake over at Shallow Graves got when talking with star Karl Urban at Chicago Comic Con:

I had to ask, “Is there a possibility of maybe getting to see the dark judges in Dredd 2 or beyond?” He stopped what he was doing, and it was evident I struck the geek mark because his eyes lit up and he smiled as he answered, “Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo.”

Fargo, in the comics, is the man from whom Dredd was cloned. Fargo's face, which had been seen prior to this revelation, was never seen again after their relationship was revealed, as part of the ongoing campaign to protect Dredd's face from being seen by the audience.

He did not appear in Dredd

Fargo appeared in the '90s film adaptation, played by Max Von Sydow, and in that film took the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth (a retirement rite for Judges) in order to obtain a pardon for Dredd, who had been wrongfully convicted of a crime committed by another clone.

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    I'd be more interested in a sequel rather than a prequel.For two reasons.......with a sequel,we'd hopefully get Judge Anderson to return and second,a lot of past movie prequels weren't as good as they should be.But I'm still open to another Dredd movie with Karl Urban and everyone else involved with the first Dredd movie.

  1. This isn't news. Alex Garland said as much two years ago. And an "origins" story isn't a prequel. It's a reference to a very specific Dredd story called Origins (Urban knows his Dredd), which is set in both the present and has a backstory - a bit like the Godfather Part II.

  2. I wish your website would let me post unanonymously, but it won't. Credit for the above should go to "James Graham"

  3. The article title is a bit mis-leading: this wouldn't be a prequel; it would still be a sequel. The Origins story involved present day or older Dredd looking for something/someone from his past and how things that happened in the past effected present day/future events. It would be a sequel; likely with elements of Origins' flashbacks.

    "A prequel would likely not include Olivia Thirlby's character, Judge Anderson, who was a rookie and met Dredd for the first time in Dredd."

    There's no reason why Anderson can't be in it since it would take place after DREDD.


  4. Anonymous said ... (original post)

    I wish your website would let me post unanonymously, but it won't. Credit for the above should go to "James Graham"

    Yeah, at present you have to create a username or it will log you in anonymously, although it does have your name in the list of details/icons on the left.

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