Roger Moore Visits the Star Wars Episode VII Set, Seemingly Confirms A Rumor

Former James Bond Roger Moore apparently paid a visit to the set of J.J. Abrams's Star Wars Episode VII recently, and his report back from the set seems to have confirmed at least one old rumor.

Speaking with the BBC, Moore said, "Anyway, the day before last, I know we stopped by the office, and I went up to see – on a very closed, secret set – my friend J. J. Abrams, who is directing Star Wars."

Asked what they were working on at the time, Moore answered, "They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow." 

He couldn't elaborate beyond that, saying he'd promised Abrams secrecy, but even that was enough to get the Star Wars Episode 7 News fansite thinking about an old rumor from May that suggested the crew had a helicopter shooting mountainous, snowy coverage shots that made many reporters and fans assume that at least part of the film will take place on an ice planet like Hoth, which was featured in The Empire Strikes Back.



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    The only thing I care about from this article is that if Roger Moore is still healthy enough to visit movie sets, why wasn't he cast as the new M in Skyfall???

  1. Doing that would have given credence to the "Bond as Title, not name" theory, and I don't think they were ready to go down that rabbit hole.