EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Silverman, Jason Aaron & Latour to Guest Star In Deadpool #40

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    • Lonzilla
    • 2 Posts in 29 Months

    And just like the real Sarah Silverman, all of her lines were written by someone else

    • jegs
    • 1 Posts in 23 Months

    I had to check to make sure the new issue i read was real and not some chinese bootleg.

    What is this strawman poorly researched garbage?

    You interrupt one of the few comics i keep up with for a badly made lazy propaganda piece about frakking, all of criticisms of which have been discredited or proven false?

    And worst of all, its not funny. 

    Dang it Silverman, stop ruining everything! You suck! you're not funny, and you just annoy people!

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