Constantine On the Move? NBC Looking For a New Home For Cult Favorite DC Comics Adaptation

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  1. Give it to The CW!

  2. I hope that they move it to a channel I actually get. I'd also hope they don't change the show's content too much, but I wouldn't get upset over a name change like that. 

  3. ThadiousJayble said ... (original post)

    Give it to The CW!

    Dear God no.

  4. I hope this happens Constantine is so good! I would welcome a move to make it closer to the comic book source. Syfy would be a good fit and they haven't had a good show in a long time also krypton is starting next year on syfy so it would work well with the other DC show. Also hopefully a cable network would allow the show to crossover into the Arrowverse. Please let this be true

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    I like this show most of the time, but I feel like it hasn't found what direction its going in. I mean each show sets somewhat of a different tone sometimes, which is confusing for the audience in the respect that some episodes are all our comical while others are dark. The actor who plays John Constantine is spot on and they could have found a better actor in my opinion. The new Latin chick isn't half bad either. This show is comparable in a lot of ways to Grimm. The primary difference being consistancey and that grim set out to establish more of a livable, and believable world; which is why its lasted as long. I hope Constantine is picked up by somebody, and given another chance to establish itself as it has lots of potential.

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